It's about damn time you see what your
hot damn self value is really worth




Because you're worth it!

The top reasons why women come and see me to get a boudoir session include, but not limited to; celebrating a goal or milestone, to gift to someone for a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, or to get over a toxic relationship or divorce.

But really, you do not need a reason!  Because everyday is a good day to finally look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're worth it & that you can and will love yourself in your own skin.

How this goes down

Pick up the phone and call me!
Together we will find the perfect collection to fit your WHY! Are you needing a pick me up? Are you getting married? Is this an anniversary, birthday, or a holiday gift? Or simply just for you!

I have so much to offer you and I am going to be here every step of the way. There's a few questions you will need to consider before making your collection decision, but a quick phone chat can get you deciding quickly. Yes we can chat via email, text, messenger, etc. but warning, it is wordy if I type it all out.

You're a hot little piece of bravery!

The ultimate

you're booked!

You did it brave soul!


You made that first payment that saved you a seat!

Now we can start prepping and planning. I will be your coach through everything.

What are you going to wear? Send me screenshots of what you're thinking and I can also send you links of what I love to see based on your comfort level and ideal style.

Be on the lookout for your questionnaire that is super important to fill out before I see you. This will help give you the best SLAY QUEEN EXPERIENCE possible!




You will walk in nervous! Everyone does, even that gals that come and see me often.

I promise, just give me 5 minutes into your shoot and the nerves will quickly vanish. Some girls can get relaxed before that as they sip on a favorite beverage while they get their makeup and hair done. Our team of certified Makeup artist and Salon Professionals are a fun add-on to many boudoir events. This adds luxury to your session one hundred percent! Opt out if you want.

Once you are "boudified" from our gals, you will be session ready!

We may have a quick chat about what you brought, then the magic will start.
Again, I will coach you through it all and guide you and educate you on poses based on the questionnaire you filled out. Each session slot includes fifteen minutes and one outfit.

The more sessions slots you purchase, the more outfit changes you get, the more time you will receive, and the more images you will get to choose from!




My clients rave about my turnaround time. It's never clear which one you will receive first, a teaser or the whole gallery. Typically turnaround time is 7-10 week days at the most. BUT, 99.9% of the time it's 3-5 day turnaround. You will receive an online gallery where you can easily download, share, and favorite all the images. On average you can guarantee 15+ images per session.

I always will include the Micro Digital Collection which are perfect to view only on your electronic devices and computer and share via instant messaging. You then can decide to order from my professional private lab prints and products.

You will probably want to tell the entire world about your shoot. It’s ok, tell the postman, the grocery store checkout, your Mom. You’re going to feel incredible for pushing through your fears and doing a boudoir shoot. I am going to make sure you have the most empowering experience while you’re with me and my side-team. You will be surprised to see it carry through to all areas of your life, in ways you never imagined. You just might write that book you’ve always wanted to write, or at the very least, do it with the lights on a little more often. You might find yourself doing a lot more–wearing a lot less. I see it time and time again and that “self love” it is the most rewarding part of what I do.



There's no such thing as a stupid question

Some FAQ's

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There are a lot of excuses not to do a boudoir session: "I want to lose weight. I'm too scared. I'm not sexy. It's too expensive. I'm going to look silly. I don't know how to pose." GIRL Toss that crap out the window. Those are fears and excuses and ain't nobody got time for that. I will be there to guide you through the entire experience. Giving you direction on where your hands, eyes, chin, shoulders, and legs need to be. I know how to get all them good angles. Beauty is in every woman and I know how to find it.


I only hire the best to work with my clients!

Do you have to get hair and makeup?


Natural light, all day baby!

You will notice that I only schedule sessions while the sun is up!

If you are looking for a later time, ask me about summer dates, when the sunset is at a later time in the day.


Hey girl!

You deserve this big boost of confidence!

Think about it? When is the last time you did something for yourself? Are you too caught up in everyone and everything else around you? Maybe you are convinced you aren't photogenic. No matter what has been holding you back, believe me when I say my true passion is showing you that you don't have to change one thing about yourself to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL.



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