Chicken Knowledge

March 18th, 2018

A year ago our family hatched 14 chicks. It’s been an exciting experience but there is so much to raising them. I still do not know everything, but I thought if I could provide most of what helped us the first year, it might be helpful for you too.

Repeat after me.. I am not getting chickens to save money, but to add as new pets. If you already have pets, you know they cost so much money but there love and companion is worth it. Guess what, same with chickens you are wanting! They just will give you fresh farm eggs in return and yes it still feels like love!

Chicken Facts I forgot to mention:

🐓 A broody chicken is a hen that is more interested in being a mother and will sit on the eggs, rather than producing more eggs. If she sits too long, your fertile eggs may hatch.

🐓 We let our chickens free-range so they get natural health benefits from the outdoor sun and air and those tasty bugs. Don’t let them out on overcast days or days you know it might rain We have had predator issues on those days.

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Found at your nearest farm feed store.

Once they are 18 weeks, locate feed made in-house at your local feed store. If you are nearby Labadie, Missouri I suggest Straatman Feed.

The best chicken feed for chicjks

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