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Dear future EvCo Bride, 

I am so glad you are here!

Our couples are one of a kind and we work diligently to find them. We aim to serve brides who desire joyful, genuine portraits of herself & her new groom. On your special day, we offer more than breathtaking pictures. We bring our incredible team trained to design a unique and authentic EXPERIENCE that embodies your personal love story. 

I believe that wedding photography is done best when couples have a relationship with their photographer and fully trust them. This is how we have guaranteed and delivered incredible photography experiences to our EvCo Couples since 2016! When I arrive on a wedding day, I want to feel like an old friend; not like a stranger. This affects every aspect of how your photos will turn out! Keep reading to get to know me and learn more about who I am beyond the camera. 
I am hopeful that after our introduction, learning about your love story, and envisioning you and your partner's future together, we can not only be your photographers but embark on a new friendship. Although photography is our passion, our wedding team strives to find that special connection with each and every one of our couples to ensure the perfect foretelling of YOUR story


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Please inquire to view our Bridal Investment Guide which will allow you access to SIX full recent galleries. We want to make sure you ABSOLUTELY what we can deliver as a whole before you say yes!

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in our bridal guide

Our wedding team does not show up to be just the photographers. We find a connection with our couples because who else can tell your story better than those who are there to cheer you on, listen, and watch you two grow.

Our couples are unique and we work VERY hard to find them! We serve a very specific type of bride who recognizes that if she wants joyful, genuine portraits of herself & her new groom, then she needs more than just pretty pictures. She needs that EvCo experience!

Joyful + heartfelt photography
for couples who want genuine images

The step by step guide

LET'S get into details

After your first inquiry, I will share my pricing guide and a thorough breakdown of what's included when you are an EvCo Couple. I love chatting on the phone and even scheduling a FaceTime or Zoom chat beforehand to go over the details of your day. If you are an on-the-go person like me, texting is quick and fine by me. I am always quick to reply! Our couples love that about me.

You were made to be an EvCo Coupole! I’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your collection and easily pay your deposit to make everything officially official!

Let's Connect

step one

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This session is the key component to deliver our best. It's my chance to get to hear and learn all about your love story - plus, it's the fun part!

I will coach you through everything, from what to expect and even what to wear, and how to pose. I have been on video chat a time or two while our brides shop for their outfits and I am here for it. Even though your fiance may dislike photos and you swear you're not photogenic, I can assure you after 20 minutes, the nerves will be gone and we'll start capturing the joy of this new season of your life together! Your only job is to love each other and be your joyful selves.


After choosing the perfect location, we'll spend an hour together capturing your engagement photos! Your only job is to love each other and be your joyful selves. Engagement photos are delivered straight to your online Wedding gallery within 7-10 days of your shoot, ready for download, print, and sharing!


step two

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Throughout the wedding planning process, I will be there to help with anything you need — vendor suggestions, timeline and schedules, reception details and more.

Our team works very close to aRay of Events who offers different tiers of Wedding Planning services. Ask me how you can get aRay of Event Day of Coordinator services included with your Collection, and what the extra perks or of having her there.


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Details are everything and therefore I ask all the questions so I can create the perfect timeline and find out all the unique qualities about your day. After photographing 100+ brides in my career, I have nailed down what a perfect photography-friendly timeline should be. I ensure that my timelines will also give our couples enough time to really relax and enjoy themselves.

You can expect the official photography timeline to be created 2 weeks before your day. Some brides request it earlier which is totally fine by me, but I also like to wait as details tend to change leading up to the day.

Timeline Talk

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Just relax!  It's our turn to work and for our couples to enjoy one another celebrating with their friends and family. Besides smaller ceremonies and elopements, a Wedding Experience is at least 6 hours to ensure we are delivering the best to our brides. This day may seem like it comes and goes pretty quick, but that's why we are there not just to capture the traditional shots, but also the one of a kind candids of hanging out with your new hubby surrounded by your loved ones. You won't even really notice that we are there until about bridal party time, which is one of my favorite times, when I get to meet your family and best friends! It's always the best time!

Wedding Day!

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Yay! I'm ready to book

Let your photographers be your wedding coordinator and planner! Our team offers this free for our brides because we create the timeline for our brides and work closest with your venue. We know how long we need to get everything done! The photographer's timeline is the most precise timeline of your day. Oh and our clients rave about how much we capture in a short amount of time.

ADVICE Number 6

If you are getting married in our off-season between November - March, please consider doing a First Look! You will lose out a lot of picture opportunity because the sunset is earlier in the evening and losing sunlight is the saddest part of the day for our photographers. It's so important its in our contract that the quality of our bridal party images are not guaranteed in this situation.

ADVICE Number 5

Two is better than one!! 98% of all of our weddings are always done with 2-3 photographers on site. Not only will this ensure our team to capture multiple locations at once and get all the angles of the first look, but also it eliminates all of our what if scenarios!

ADVICE Number 4

Location and lighting is everything! Be sure to ask your photographers if they are comfortable in low light settings. Our team is known for being able to capture the breathtaking rainy day, dark cathedral ceremony photos and those EPIC dance floor photos when the cool DJ lights turn on. We also have the best tricks and education to make a not as ideal location dreamy!

ADVICE Number 3

Though the photographer takes breathtaking couple photos, what about the other major events of the day? Photographers tend to only post their very best work on social media and public website, but be sure you view multiple recent full galleries so you know what to expect from them for each event. 

ADVICE Number 2

We hope you are scrolling through multiple options for your photographer. It's super important to be sure to find the perfect match. Brides, you easily spend more day with your photographer than your Groom! 

ADVICE Number 1




You will immediately view our Bridal Guide and you can see why hundreds of Couples chose the EvCo Bridal Experience to be the guiding hand on their wedding day! I love detail but also love simple so I created this guide to give you an idea of who I am and what it takes and what it means to be an EvCo Bride.


past brides are raving

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"The pictures from my wedding are AMAZING!

Working with everyone from Evalyn & Co. has been nothing but joy!! the communication is awesome and Channa has been so helpful and kind. The pictures from my wedding are AMAZING, and I couldn't of asked for anything better. Out of my whole wedding experience, Channa and her team were the easiest and best company I worked with through the whole process!"

- Gianna & Jared

"Evalyn & Co saved the day!

Our photographer canceled an hour before we were supposed to start taking pics for our wedding. Evelyn & Co Photography was able to get there quickly and take some amazing shots of our Wedding. Thank you so much for saving the day and taking beautiful pictures for us to remember our big day!"

- Beth W.

"We were left with the most breathtaking photos!

Channa and the other photographers left us with the most breathtaking wedding photos, and I couldn't have asked for a kinder, more professional team! Even though they had less time to take pictures because of a scheduling mistake made by one of our other wedding vendors, Evalyn & Co. were still extremely flexible and accommodating, and they gave us our dream wedding photos!"

- Maria T.

"Evalyn and Co. was the perfect choice

Evalyn and Co. was the perfect choice to help capture our special moments!! Channa was great to work with and so very detailed and knowledgeable about every single step along the way! Channa herself was able to take my fiancé and I's photographs for our engagement session! She suggested Klondike Park and it was the perfect place to capture such beautiful photos!"

- Raven