The Garlik Family

March 18th, 2018

It always feels like a toss in the air when you get photos with your kids, I get it! I knew for sure I would get something good with one of my favorite families. This was take two as the high winds took over our first scheduled time. Actually, we were supposed to have our session in a couple days and I took a peek at the forecast and it wasn’t looking promising. Thankfully, one text later, and everyone was game to meet last night!

This is Jordan and Mitch and they are an #EvCoCouple. I met them in 2018 when they were newly engaged. I officially met them in the winter season for their Engagement Session and they solidified the fact that even in the dead of the winter, I could work my magic and deliver a full beautiful Winter E-Session. No doubt, they made it easy for me. Our wedding team celebrated their gorgeous Winter Wedding in 2019.

Fast forward after their third anniversary and here I am grateful to have the opportunity to see their two amazing and cute as all get out little boys and capturing their love for each other still. Though Jordan will forever be an EvCo Bride to me, it’s an honor she comes back to see me for her family portraits.

Mama and Dad definitely have two busy explorers, or should I say boys, on their hands! We did great just following, chasing them along to capture the little smiles.

That’s what it all is about within a Mini Session, at least for me. Get a few “posed”, but then let them just run around to keep them happy and we will get the smiles along the way. Mini Sessions are a perfect amount of time for kids and the Dads! 🤣

Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, Missouri never disappoints in early Spring with all there amazing new blooms high and low.

Thanks for reading!

– Channa

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