my life + happiness

First and foremost, I am a wife to my better half, and a mother to two littles who won't stop growing! 

It wasn't until I had babies of my own and I started doing Mom things, that made me realize photography has always been apart of me. My mom started bringing over boxes of my childhood and most of them were filled with photos of little me. I realized I was carrying on a family legacy now that by documenting my own children. I try to keep up with their tiny toes that keep on growing. Every year seems like a new season of life. Even as husband and wife. We aren't as available for each other as we would like to be, to tell you the truth, with busy work schedules and taking care of our two little humans. I am glad I still have pictures around the house of when we were young in love because it keeps us remembering that we are still those two people madly in love with each other even though life gets busy. I hope you find yourself enjoying not just my wedding journals but also my real life journals. Sharing our stories may shine a light in yours and I want to help uplift, empower, and capture all the season of your life too.